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Most viewed - 500 Evo belt change
DSCF0036~0.JPGRear pulley needle bearings297 viewsApply some LM grease to the inner bearings of the rear pulley. Not too much but enough to fill the cavity inside the sleeve.
DSCF0030~0.JPGRear pulley assembly276 viewsImportant to be scrupulous with old dust removal especially in the split between pulley halves
DSCF0024~0.JPGEmpty transmission casing167 viewsAll cleaned out of old belt dust ready for reassembly
DSCF0061.JPGPut all the panels back on146 viewsJob complete. Now test run just to make sure everything is OK.
DSCF0058.JPGRefit the air dflector137 viewsThis little gizmo is why the footboard has to come off on an Evo as you can't get to the mounting screws.
DSCF0050.JPGFit the clutch drum128 viewsLightly grease the shaft and slide the drum and then the spacer washer onto the rear shaft.
DSCF0025.JPGVariator parts127 viewsCleaned and ready for refitting after examination wor wear
DSCF0037~0.JPGEngage the belt into the rear pulley124 viewsPlace your foot on the top of the clutch and squeeze the upper pulley towards you by rotating it, and engage the belt as deep as possible.
DSCF0056.JPGFit the outer trim cover119 viewsA spot of coppaslip on the screws prevents them seizing.
DSCF0054.JPGRun the engine again.116 viewsRun the engine through a series of rev cycles to make sure the belt and rollers are all settled and the gearing is functioning as it should. Recheck the nut torques.
DSCF0059.JPGLower screw position115 viewsWhy the belly pan has to be eased down to get to the screws
DSCF0038~0.JPGDirection Arrows115 viewsMake sure you get the direction arrows pointing correctly in the direction the belt rotates (top forward)
DSCF0044~0.JPGCheck the belt115 viewsMake sure the belt is not nipped by the pulley halves and that the torque on the nut is fully used to force the outer pulley onto the spacer tube and washer.
DSCF0033~0.JPGVariator is slip into place114 viewsHaving dropped in the rollers and the ramp plate hold in position and slide onto lightly greased shaft
DSCF0032~0.JPGFirst slide on the spacer113 viewsInner chamfer towards the engine as shown is extremely important!
DSCF0055.JPGRefit the 8mm bolts 113 viewsA touch of coppaslip helps future removals here
DSCF0039~1.JPGSlide on the rear pulley112 viewsAvoid getting greasy fingers on either the belt or the pulley sides when assembling, although it will soon wear off and be no long term problem.
DSCF0057.JPGPlace the nut cover back on.112 views
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