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DSCF0005~3.JPGWhite strip LEDS in top of Evo mirror lamps398 viewsThis gives additional sidelights without being too bright and drowning out the indicators. Not really bright enough for daylight but OK at night.Apr 15, 2010
DSCF0004~3.JPGMirror wiring amendments163 viewsThree wires now needed to feed the additional white EDS plus the bleepers spliced in here (resistors too though not shown here)
Apr 15, 2010
DSCF0003~3.JPG3 wire connector311 viewsMirror connector replaced with 3 way connection to allow for additional sidelight feed for white LED strip.Apr 15, 2010
DCP01536.JPGBackplate mods1383 viewsCut the tangs as shown, and after reassembling the topbox rack, try for fit. You might have to cut a little bit more away at the top or bottom. The backplate is held in place by the two screws at the rear of the seat.Apr 14, 2010
DCP01468.JPGRetaining Philips crosshead bolts1195 viewsRemove these, and throw them away, no longer needed.Apr 14, 2010
DCP01465.JPGBolts hiding in hole.1155 viewsThese can be tricky to remove, a magnetic screwdriver can be useful.Apr 14, 2010
DCP01464.JPGTop-plate removed912 viewsApr 14, 2010
DCP01462.JPGBottom plate screws910 viewsRemove all the allen screws underneath.Apr 14, 2010
DCP01461.JPGBackplate screws.874 viewsThese need removing, and will eventually be the sole retaining screws for the battery cover panel.
Apr 14, 2010
DCP01460.JPGHand-rail screws800 viewsApr 14, 2010
DCP01459.JPGRubber bungs939 viewsRemove with a blunt screwdriver.Apr 14, 2010
DCP01458.JPGTopbox screws715 viewsRemove, watch out for the sleeve inserts.Apr 14, 2010
DCP01457.JPGRemove the tray1048 viewsApr 14, 2010
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