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Last additions - 500 Evo belt change
DSCF0061.JPGPut all the panels back on146 viewsJob complete. Now test run just to make sure everything is OK.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0058.JPGRefit the air dflector137 viewsThis little gizmo is why the footboard has to come off on an Evo as you can't get to the mounting screws.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0057.JPGPlace the nut cover back on.112 viewsMar 02, 2013
DSCF0056.JPGFit the outer trim cover119 viewsA spot of coppaslip on the screws prevents them seizing.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0055.JPGRefit the 8mm bolts 113 viewsA touch of coppaslip helps future removals hereMar 02, 2013
DSCF0054.JPGRun the engine again.116 viewsRun the engine through a series of rev cycles to make sure the belt and rollers are all settled and the gearing is functioning as it should. Recheck the nut torques.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0053.JPGFully tighten the nut110 viewsUse an impact driver to torque the nut while holding the rear brake on.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0052.JPGRefit the two washers and rear hub nut104 viewsNip up the nut while holding the rear brake on.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0051.JPGRefit the cover91 viewsFit the cover and nip up the four larger bolts.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0050.JPGFit the clutch drum128 viewsLightly grease the shaft and slide the drum and then the spacer washer onto the rear shaft.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0049.JPGStart the engine110 viewsRun for only a few seconds just to settle the belt into the normal tension.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0048.JPGRefit the damper pulley110 viewsLightly grease the pivot bolt and refit the pulley noting that it is the correct way around.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0044~0.JPGCheck the belt115 viewsMake sure the belt is not nipped by the pulley halves and that the torque on the nut is fully used to force the outer pulley onto the spacer tube and washer.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0043~0.JPGFit and tighten the nut106 viewsMar 02, 2013
DSCF0041~2.JPGFront fastenings111 viewsSlide on the two washers making sure the convex one is the right way roundMar 02, 2013
DSCF0039~1.JPGSlide on the rear pulley112 viewsAvoid getting greasy fingers on either the belt or the pulley sides when assembling, although it will soon wear off and be no long term problem.Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0038~0.JPGDirection Arrows115 viewsMake sure you get the direction arrows pointing correctly in the direction the belt rotates (top forward)Mar 02, 2013
DSCF0037~0.JPGEngage the belt into the rear pulley124 viewsPlace your foot on the top of the clutch and squeeze the upper pulley towards you by rotating it, and engage the belt as deep as possible.Mar 02, 2013
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