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DSCF0003~3.JPG3 wire connector314 viewsMirror connector replaced with 3 way connection to allow for additional sidelight feed for white LED strip.
DSCF0004~3.JPGMirror wiring amendments167 viewsThree wires now needed to feed the additional white EDS plus the bleepers spliced in here (resistors too though not shown here)
DSCF0005~3.JPGWhite strip LEDS in top of Evo mirror lamps402 viewsThis gives additional sidelights without being too bright and drowning out the indicators. Not really bright enough for daylight but OK at night.
DSCF0006~3.JPGEvo mirror indicators220 viewsPancake twin flat LEDs work well due to the back face using the reflector. A bit fiddly to fit though.
DSCF0007~4.JPGFront fairing SL type indicators228 viewsLED replacement bulbs of the multi layer rounded tower type, although just about any type will fit here.
DSCF0012~2.JPGLarge cluster LEDS in Evo rear lights161 viewsLED PCB's directly bonded into enlarged holes in the back of Evo rear lights. All coated in 'hot glue' to waterproof them and wiring clipped up.
DSCF0013~2.JPGAdditional wiring for side marker LEDS156 viewsAdditional wiring with it's own 2 pin connector so the panel can be removed.
DSCF0014~1.JPGRear side marker LEDS165 viewsRear side marker LEDS in red similar to amber ones used in the front fairing.
DSCF0017~0.JPGLED resistors166 viewsAdded across the wiring to the fairing SL indicators. Hard to get at so later moved into the mirror stalks along with the bleepers.
DSCF0018.JPGConnectors154 viewsAdditional connectors spliced into the main loom for the side marker LEDs
DSCF0019.JPGAdditional wiring plugs165 viewsThe inside of the LED marker lamps on front fairing, fitted with quick removal connectors.
DSCF0020~1.JPGSide marker LEDS161 viewsOval flush mount amber LEDS from ACE car parts. A single 4mm dia hole is required for the wires. Attached with double sided foam tape.
DSCF0027.JPGTower LEDS144 views
DSCF0028.JPGAngled LEDS127 viewsThese will not fit anywhere on the X9.
DSCF0029.JPGReplacement rear LEDS129 viewsDirect replacements for X9 tail lights and rear indicators, but not as bright as they should be.
DSCF0030.JPGUnderseat lamp festoon LED130 viewsCheck the length of the original bulb before buying and get the biggest LED that fits.
DSCF0032.JPGLargest LED clusters165 viewsEven these will fit in X9 SL front fairing indicators as either indicators or daytime running lights. Check if you need offset pins though as the lamps themselves seem to use both types.
DSCF0033.JPGRear sidelight bulbs as used in cars119 viewsThese will not fit but you can break out the LED cluster and embed them directly into the rear lights if you are prepared to irreversibly butcher the plastics.
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