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DSCF0051.JPGRefit the cover88 viewsFit the cover and nip up the four larger bolts.
DSCF0052.JPGRefit the two washers and rear hub nut101 viewsNip up the nut while holding the rear brake on.
DSCF0053.JPGFully tighten the nut107 viewsUse an impact driver to torque the nut while holding the rear brake on.
DSCF0054.JPGRun the engine again.113 viewsRun the engine through a series of rev cycles to make sure the belt and rollers are all settled and the gearing is functioning as it should. Recheck the nut torques.
DSCF0055.JPGRefit the 8mm bolts 110 viewsA touch of coppaslip helps future removals here
DSCF0056.JPGFit the outer trim cover116 viewsA spot of coppaslip on the screws prevents them seizing.
DSCF0057.JPGPlace the nut cover back on.109 views
DSCF0058.JPGRefit the air dflector133 viewsThis little gizmo is why the footboard has to come off on an Evo as you can't get to the mounting screws.
DSCF0061.JPGPut all the panels back on143 viewsJob complete. Now test run just to make sure everything is OK.
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